Jun 28, 2008

Scientific seminar

My company and supplier held the scientific seminar in Osaka today.
We invited a professor from US.
It was raining today. So we couldn't get many customers.
I'll go to Fukuoka tomorrow for the same purpose.
I'll work on holidays every weekend for a while.

Jun 22, 2008

Masu salmon

I came back from a business trip to Hokkaido yesterday.

My company hold a lecture there last Friday night. I took charge of the lecture meeting as MC.

After the lecture I went to the river by rent-a-car.

But I was very sleepy. So I had a nap in the rental car. To my surprise, I woke up at 9 am.

Actually I enjoyed my short time in Hokkaido. I caught Iwana, Yamame and Sakuramasu.

Iwana is japanese char. Yamame is Seema. Sakuramasu is Masu salmon.

This picture is Masu salmon about 50-cm in size.

Jun 17, 2008

"Iwana mountain trout"

I went fishing to Wakayama Pref. with my old friend last Sunday.
When we started to walk up stream it began to rain so hard.
Then we took a hot spring bath. We take a break and started fresh later.
On that evening I caught a Iwana mountain trout. I was so happy.
Next Friday I 'll go to Hokkaido Pref. on my business trip. I hope to catch the big one.

Jun 4, 2008

kindergarten visitation

Today I took a day off because today was day for kindergarten visitation.
My kids go to kindergarten this year.
I saw a middle kid's class and my wife saw a youngest kid's class at work.
I'm deeply concerned with children's growth.

Jun 2, 2008

a new cell phone

Today I bought a new cell phone.
The old one has lost long battery life.
I can look at TV with new one but my house is outside a one-segment broadcasting service area.
I felt disappointed today.