Oct 25, 2009


I went flyfishing with old friend Yesterday.

It was Baragi-lake in Gumma Prefecture.

It takes about 3 hours From Tokyo by car.

I enjoyed flyfishing with harling in this lake.

Harling is the way that you tow a fly by rowboat like trolling.

I caught some rainbow trout. the landing net I had was too small, so I felt uneasy.

Those rainbow trouts were good condition, running well, and jumping many times.

Where shall I go next month?

Oct 13, 2009

deep depression

I went to language school after work today.
I couldn't talk about what I wanted to speak in English freely once again.
I thought that I tried to study with English paperback book a while ago. However I couldn't understand it and I quitted in just a few days every time.