Dec 30, 2011

this year's final fishing

 Yesterday, I went to a fishing pond in Tochigi Pref. to cast for trouts. It was terrible cold because wind was so strong and the snow lingered there. Guide iced in the early morning. I could cast long distance against the strong wind after the sun was up. And that trees after me striped me of my very few flies.

 I could catch 10 trouts, however I couldn't hook trouts as I plan.

 I don't know this trout. He isn't


trout. Maybe is he a



Dec 24, 2011

Last fishing this year

I went to a lake in Tochigi-Pref. with my old friend last week. I caught 2 rainbow trouts.

That's cultured trouts. But it's strict condition that day. It's a just excuse.
And then I ate last trout this year.

That was so delicious.
May I be able to cast for good trouts next year.