Dec 30, 2011

this year's final fishing

 Yesterday, I went to a fishing pond in Tochigi Pref. to cast for trouts. It was terrible cold because wind was so strong and the snow lingered there. Guide iced in the early morning. I could cast long distance against the strong wind after the sun was up. And that trees after me striped me of my very few flies.

 I could catch 10 trouts, however I couldn't hook trouts as I plan.

 I don't know this trout. He isn't


trout. Maybe is he a



Dec 24, 2011

Last fishing this year

I went to a lake in Tochigi-Pref. with my old friend last week. I caught 2 rainbow trouts.

That's cultured trouts. But it's strict condition that day. It's a just excuse.
And then I ate last trout this year.

That was so delicious.
May I be able to cast for good trouts next year.

Nov 26, 2011

7 habits training program

I took two days training course of 7 habits. I've heard of it however not read it properly. Today is holiday and I spent time effectively today.
Up till now, My wife usually told me I should listen to her carefully and sympathetically but not voice my opinion and advice. She was right.
I'm no match for her. How frustrating!!

Nov 3, 2011

Elementary school's music program

Today is a national holiday "National culture day" in Japan. I'm going to elementary school to watch the music program my kids appear on the stage in.

It interested me the most that all late elementary grades sang accompanied by all teachers band. It was moving.

Oct 22, 2011

Salmon fishing season has come!

Well, I went to Hokkaido again to cast for Salmon the last week in September.
This is my third try. I caught some Cham salmon on a regular, constant pace, 1 or 2 a day.

And then I enjoy BBQ for dinner with my old friends after fishing. I looked forward to seeing them on this occasion.
I would like to go there again within this year.

Sep 3, 2011

Azusa river

I went flyfishing to Azusa river in Nagano Prf. with my old friend 26th of July. I caught a IWANA mountain trout & brown trout.
It was rain in the afternoon & became to get muddy. It was hard condition. It was a bummer. Well, Where I should to go next?

Expedition in the Hokkaido

I visited a old friend who has retired some years ago. He is living in Hikkaido. He knows many good rivers to fish. I could catch some good trouts this go-round because of him.

I love Hokkaido. I plan to go there in September again to catch a cham salmon. This is going to be great!

May 1, 2011

Golden week holidays have started

I went fly-fishing to "Oshino" in Yamanashi Pref. on last Friday. I drank too much on the previous day. So, I couldn't wake up early morning. And that I had to go back home my wife & kids lived at later in the day.
I left at 9 o'clock and additionally There was a huge traffic jam on a expressway due to GW. It was so terrible situation. I could cast for trout but only for 30 minutes.
I seemed to be on the edge.

Apr 8, 2011

iPhone 4

I was given a iPhone by my company. I have to build a Sales Support System until this autumn. It's just toy for me until then. And it help me write this blog & twitter. HaHaHa,

Mar 28, 2011

Trout Fly-fishing season has started.

It was my first time this year to go fly-fishing last Saturday.

I got five small trout. But they were so beautiful.

I want to go once more in this month.