Mar 10, 2009


I went fishing to Takahara-river on last Saturday.
Takahara-river runs in Gifu Prefecture. Gifu Prefecture is in central Japan.
Takahara-river area has hot springs everywhere. So the river water temperature stay high in winter.
It was raining hard last Friday ,so the river was very cloudy and cold. It was very difficult condition.
Finally I caught two small trouts. This is Yamame-trout.


Colorado Angler said...

Beautiful trout! Would love to fish in Japan someday - my mother was born and raised in Saitama (Tokorozawa?) so it would be nice to get back there.

Oncorhynchus said...

Thank you for your comment.
Please correct my English. I go to language school but not enough to do. Some day I would like to go fishing in a river at US or New Zealand. For this, I would need to speak English.