May 22, 2009


I went Fly-Fishing to Oshino Yesterday. Oshino is located close to Mt. Fuji. Oshino is the village of the spring water. It has a spring creek that is a originated from the natural spring of the beautiful Mt. Fuji.

Oshino is a one of the famous river in Fly-Fisher in Japan. Former U.S. president Carter has been there to cast for a trout a long time ago.
There ara so many anglers in the limited area. So I'm sure that trouts definitely feel high pressure.
I could catch some trouts that aren't very good condition. It was dark evening after sun set when I caught Iwana-trout in second picture.

I caught the good rainbow trout in third picture in previous time. She isn't big trout but beautiful.


Colorado Angler said...

They may not be big, but it's the experience that counts - I still think that all three are nice fish.

Tight Lines!

Oncorhynchus said...

Thank you for being so understanding!